eBooks and PDF Viewer

The eBooks and PDF Reader module allows you to read eBooks, PDFs, and documents. The reader supports a dozen commonly used eBook and document formats, including: Mobi, ePub, PDF, XPS, FB2, CBR, and CHM. It also features bookmarks, table of contents, printing, search, and even file conversion.

View eBooks and documents

Use the Page Layout and Zoom options to configure the eBook Reader to deliver the most fitting display for your needs.

Turn pages

  • Page control: located at the bottom of the window, use the page turning control button to flip pages or type a page number in the edit box and press the Enter key
  • Mouse: scroll the mouse wheel up or down to turn pages
  • Keyboard: click the Page Up or the upper arrow key to turn to the previous page; click the Page Down or the down arrow key to turn to the next page

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Page layout

Define how pages are arranged by using the Page layout controls that are made available under the Layout toolbar button. Click the Layout button to access to these commands:

  • Single Page View: displays just one page across the viewer
  • Two page View: displays two pages across the viewer
  • Book View: displays two pages across the viewer, except for it starts from the book cover page on the right part of the viewer
  • Enable Scrolling: when selected, enable scrolling instead of replacing pages
  • Rotate View: rotate the entire display of the file in 90-degree, clockwise or counterclockwise 
  • Presentation: full-screen with single-page view and Fit Page  
  • Full Screen: full-screen with all existing zoom and page layout settings

Zoom and page fitting

Change the zoom level and page fitting style using the Zoom/Page-fitting control:

  • Fit Page: display the entire page area in the viewer
  • Actual Size: display the actual size of the file at 100% zoom 
  • Fit Width: fit the display to the width of the viewer window
  • Fit Content: fit the content of the file, excluding header, footer, page margins, to the entire display of the viewer window
  • Zoom out: reduce the display by lowering the zoom level
  • Zoom in: enlarge the display by increasing the zoom level

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Navigate through documents

Besides turning pages, you can also navigate through eBooks and documents using Table of Contents (TOC), bookmarks, and the Search function.

Table of Contents (TOC)

Click the TOC button located on the toolbar to review the table of contents embedded in a document. Click an entry to jump to the location. Note: an eBook or document must contain a TOC section in order to use this feature. All Files Viewer does not generate or display the TOC it if doesn’t already exist.


Click the Bookmarks button located on the toolbar to open the Bookmarks control window, which offers the following functions:

  • Add a bookmark: navigate to a page location, click the Add Bookmark button, provide a text label, and click the Add button
  • Rename a bookmark: click Manage Bookmarks, select the bookmark you would like to rename, and click Rename…, edit its label, and then click the Update button
  • Delete bookmarks: click Manage Bookmarks, select the bookmark you would like to delete, and click the Delete button, confirm your action by clicking the Yes button. Click the Delete All button to remove all bookmarks.

When inside the Manage Bookmarks window, to undo any rename or delete operations, click the Undo button. This restores any changes back to when the dialog is open. Remember, you can’t undo anything after clicking the OK button prior to exiting the Manage Bookmarks window.


Click the Search button located on the toolbar to open the Search function window. To perform a search, type a string or phrase in the search box and press the [Enter] key.

To find the next match of the same search operation, click the Next> button; or click the <Previous button to find a match at a previous location. You can also press the [Enter] key or [Shift + Enter] to achieve the same result. 

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