Office Document Viewers

All Files Viewer supports opening of Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also edit both Word and Excel documents right inside the application. 

Word viewer

All Files Viewer can open Word files in both the DOC and DOCX file extensions. The Word viewer also provides editing and printing features.  All major functions of the Word viewer can be accessed from the file menus:

  • File menu: offers the file level operations: Save the current file or Save As a new file; Open a Word document; Create a new Word document; Print the document; 
  • Home menu: presents the main function of the Word viewer with all the essential editing and formatting tools you need to create, edit, and format a Word file
  • Insert menu: allows you to insert Tables, Pictures, and Hyperlinks
  • Page Layout menu: lets you toggle between the normal Page layout and the Flow layout
  • Visual Style menu: is where you can change the skin of the Word viewer by choosing from different predefined color sets

The Word viewer also offers a zoom level adjustment slider at the lower-right part of the Window.

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Spreadsheet viewer

All Files Viewer can open Excel files in both the XLSX and XLS format, as well as CSV files. The Spreadsheet viewer offers four major function groups for viewing and editing spreadsheet files. 

  • File menu: offers file level operations: view file properties and information;  create a new spreadsheet file; open an existing file; save the current file or save it as a new file; close the current file
  • Home menu: presents the main function of the spreadsheet viewer with all the essential editing and formatting tools you need to create, edit, and format an Excel file
  • Data menu: features some advanced data manipulation functions like Groping, Ungrouping, Data Validation, and Name Manager
  • View menu: allows  you to configure viewing preference of a spreadsheet document, including Freeze Panes, show/hide gridlines, formula bar, and the headings. You can also add, edit, and manage comments

Click the Print button at the lower-left corner of the window to print the currently opened Spreadsheet file.

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Presentation viewer

The Presentation viewer opens PowerPoint files formatted in the PPTX file extension. It provides both viewing and printing, as well as converting to PDF. Editing PPTX is currently not supported.

  • Open: lets you choose an PPTX file and open it in the viewer
  • Print: use the system printing dialogbox to print the presentation file
  • Convert to PDF: save the PPTX file in PDF format
  • Navigate the pages: use the left or right arrows on the toolbar  or press the Left or Right key on your keyboard to go to the previous or next page; while in the Slide-deck mode, click a slide thumbnail to display the full content of that slide.
  • View mode: click the Presentation mode icon (located at the top-right corner of the Window) to show slides using the entire window; double-click the Window to toggle between the Presentation mode and the Slide-deck mode

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