Burning music files to a CD

Burn CD

Burn CD: Audacity is an open-source software for recording and editing great audio. This can be used for various tasks, like recording tapes, mixing them, splitting tracks and making ringtones, etc. Burn Audio CDs There are two types of CDs that are formed by the burning of CDs. These are ‘Audio CD’ and ‘Data CD’. […]

Noise Reduction- Keep unwanted noises

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction: If you want to record audio, the most important thing is to make sure that you have zero noise disturbances around. If you want good quality of audio, you must completely reduce the amount of irritating noises. Because, the listener can’t listen to the audio clearly with noises in the background. This is […]

Connecting an Instrument to Your Computer

Connecting an Instrument

Connecting an Instrument: Many technologies have come into existence to re-shape and revolutionize the music industry. These advancements occur whilst delivering a cost-effective opportunity to all music enthusiasts . And, allow the creation of soothing masterpieces. Here, let us consider the program, Audacity, that has made it possible to play the strings of a guitar […]

Select and Edit Audios in Audacity

Select and Edit Audios

Select and Edit Audios: Audacity is an open-source music application software, which allows you to edit and record audio. One can use Audacity for various tasks, like recording, mixing, and splitting tracks. In addition, one can also make ringtones, and so much more. If you are a music lover or a video editor, then you […]

The chirp feature in Audacity

chirp feature in Audacity

Chirp feature in Audacity: Audacity is a platform that provides you the best way of recording your sounds and tracks, to convert into beautiful audio. It helps you enhance your audio, and removes all the distortions. We has been introducing new features, to help our users and improve their work-quality. One of the very interesting […]

Change Speed and its parameters

Change Speed

What is Change speed? The selected track can have a change in its speed using change speed. By changing speed, you will also affect the tempo, frequency, and pitch of the track. And, when you reduce the speed of the selected track, the frequencies decrease. The frequencies increase when you increase the speed of the […]

Learn about Chris’ Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor is a famous plug-in that helps in removing the abrupt interventions of volume, by employing this compressor. If you wish to soften the audio, or work on the loudness, you can use Chris’s Dynamic Compressor. You will be able to find various links for this compressor. As, there are many versions of […]

What is the Change pitch and how to use it?

Change pitch

Change pitch: When you select a track, and you need to change the pitch of that track, but you do not want to change the speed of the track, you can use Change pitch. The track might have some current pitch in percentage. You can change that value of percentage up or down. These changes […]

How to Change the Tempo?

Change Tempo

Changing Tempo is a feature that largely benefits its users. Also, it is easy to handle. Changing Tempo is basically changing the length or duration of the track, without making any change in the pitch. To change the tempo of the selected region in Audacity, you need to click on the effect and then choose […]

Detect beats in Beat Finder with threshold value

Beat Finder

What is Beat Finder? The functionality in Audacity, known as the Beat Finder, distinguishes beats that are different than other audio. The task of the Beat finder is to label the louder beats compared to the normal audio surrounding those beats. This function is a rough tool. So, it might not work properly with some […]