How do I choose a Speed test Server

Speed test Server

Speed test measures important aspects of the Internet service. Blusky offers the speed test app which can be downloaded on Widows 10. This test can measure the bandwidth of an internet connection. The speed test can calculate the throughput of the network in the upload and download. This app can detect the external IP, and also the geo-location.

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Choosing a Different Server

A Speed test app offers 1,000, globally, hosted servers as a network. This means you have different options for testing. The Speed test, at the start, automatically chooses a server which is nearby. This server has a ping result that is fast for measuring the potential of an internet connection. However, the testing server can be changed. As, testing to different servers can help you compare the results.

You need to choose a server located remotely if you really ‘need’ to test the sped of your internet as these are the places the data travels to and from, most of the time.

With the selection of a new server, you change the host or the location of the server against which you are testing your internet connection. Many streaming services and sites might host their content on those servers at a distance from your present location. Though, this translates to slower pings and speeds from those specific services. All the tests which run on Speed test reflect the speed of your connection from your present carrier or ISP. Testing to any server hosted by a carrier or ISP doesn’t necessarily tell you how fast the connection is.

Wifi or Ethernet

As known, the world is moving towards wireless technology. This means you can connect to the internet from anywhere and everywhere. This leads to WiFi being the primary choice for those who wish to connect online. You can use Ethernet from WiFi. But, for this you need to have knowledge of how to convert a WiFi signal into an Ethernet one.

Ethernet is a way to connect different devices in a LAN. This consists of hub, Ethernet cable, crossover cable and router. This enables the different devices to transmit specific data over a network.

As compared to wireless connections, Ethernet is faster, as it makes use of cables. You need to make a choice according to your convenience and the speed required.

Speed test Server


An Ethernet connection delivers a consistent speed. This connection also works well for streaming HD videos, and downloading large files.

WiFi can suffer, due to the interference of signals from different environmental factors.


As mentioned above, the speed of WiFi is slower than the speed of Ethernet.


This is an important factor to be taken into consideration. The data that is sent over an Ethernet connection can be accessed only by those devices that are physically attached to that specific network. There is no chance of hacking or loss of data.

WiFi is not as safe, as this is an open network

For getting the most accurate results you need to ensure you do not download files, upload documents, or surf the internet during a speed test.


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