How much Internet Speed do I need

There is no fixed standard of ‘good’ internet speed. Most often, the requirement of 25Mbps is sufficient for streaming different videos on multiple devices. The internet speed is the bandwidth that you have applied for. The bandwidth is the amount of specific data that is sent to you by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). This is measured in seconds.

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How much Download Speed is required?

There is no fixed number of download speed required. Because, this all depends on your day-to-day activities. Generally, the requirements for download speeds are as listed below:

  • Stream HD Content: 15 – 25 Mbps is the minimum
  • Browse the Web and check E-mail: 1 – 5 Mbps to the minimum
  • Play competitive online games and stream 4K content: 40 – 100 Mbps to the minimum
  • Play online games, stream 4K content and download files which are large: 200 + Mbps to the minimum

Difference between the Upload and the Download Speed

The time taken by the internet to pull the data from the specific server to your internet is the download speed, which is measured in kilobytes per second (Kbps). This download speed is normally used for listening to music, watching videos, browsing the web and, more.

The amount of time taken to transfer data from your computer to the internet is the uploading speed. The measurement of this is similar to the measurement of the download speed. This upload speed is only utilized when playing online games, uploading media or, sending e-mails.

Most often, the download sped is faster than the upload speed as people use data from the other servers.

How fast is 25Mbps?

25Mbps for internet speed can be considered neither too fast nor too slow. To give you a clearer picture, listed below are a few of the things you can comfortably do with this internet speed.

  • Play most online games, without any lag
  • Load web pages with no waiting time.
  • Stream YouTube and Netflix at 1080pon one or even 2 devices without going through any buffering.

For a small set-up that does not do any intense streaming on different devices or opts for gaming at a high resolution, 25Mbps can be considered as a ‘fast’ internet speed. However, this speed might not be enough for those internet users who prefer a 4K resolution.

Measure Internet Speed

If you experience constant buffering when you are streaming a video or you feel the download speed is not what you expected, it is advisable to use our speed test.

The speed test results might not be accurate in case there is fluctuation in the WiFi. In case you are not satisfied with this test you can go for an internet health check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Before you start the internet speed test, ensure all the other applications on your computer are closed. You also need to limit the users of the internet. Not many are aware that routers are affected by their location. Ensure you have proper placement of this.


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