How to get an Accurate Speed Test

Accurate Speed Test

If you are reading this article then most often you experienced inconsistency or even a low internet speed. This can either be you are not getting the internet speed you have paid for or there is another problem with the internet. You can go for a speed test to clear all your doubts. Blusky offers you this speed test app which can be easily downloaded on Windows 10.

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You can get a clear idea of the internet speed as this test can detect any common problem. For instance, if you have paid for 60Mbps and the speed test indicates that you are getting a speed which is close to this, that means the internet speed is fine.

Understanding Speed Test Results

You need to perform 3 tests for measuring the overall speed and health of the internet. The three tests are upload, download, and, ping.

  • Upload tests give you a clear picture of the amount of time taken to transfer different files or any other content from the computer to the internet.
  • Download tests give you a picture of the time taken for transferring any content from the internet to the computer.
  • The Ping tests are connected to network latency. This is the time taken for a package of data to travel from one computer to another.


How to get an Accurate Speed Test

How to get an Accurate Speed Test?

Multiple factors that can slow down the internet connection and lead to inaccurate results. For obtaining accurate speed test results, we recommend you adhere to the following specific factors.


The placement of a mobile device or the computer can make a difference to the accuracy of the speed test. Specific wall materials or objects can interfere or even block the WiFi signal. It is important to ensure a clear path for the wireless. You need to place the computer or the mobile device in the same room as the router.

Aggressive Applications

Running the speed test with different applications can provide inaccurate speed test results. It is important to exit all the applications except for the Speed Test app when you are looking for accuracy in the test itself. You can also try rebooting the internet router and the computer for an accurate speed test.

Internal Internet Traffic

The WiFi test can also be impacted by existing traffic on the network. This is the traffic inside your home and the external traffic which is in your neighborhood. It is important to ensure all the internal streaming is stopped before you conduct a speed test.

To tackle external internet traffic, you can perform multiple speed tests during different times of the day and also on different days of the week. This can provide you the accurate speed of your internet connection.

You need to make sure the settings of the router are optimized and correct for getting an accurate result of the speed test. You can either troubleshoot the WiFi configuration at home or call the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to report the issue. You might also need a different or better router.


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