Use the cursor to work with Audacity

cursor menu

Cursor Menu: Audacity not only helps you to create good audio files but also allows you to work with various features. You can easily check your errors or import and export with the help of this software. This feature of Audacity helps in attaining the efficiency of the software. You will be able to give […]

Know more about audio tracks and clips

audio tracks and clips

Audio tracks and clips : If you are a music lover, you must know about Audacity. With Audacity, you can explore various options that can help you create amazing audio. Audacity provides some amazing ways through which you can create high audio files. You simply need to know about the steps, and work accordingly. So, […]

Clips – Individual Sections Within an Audio Track

Audio Track

What is a clip? An audio track is split into distinct sections to edit easier. These individual sections are called clips. Audio is a single track while clips are parts of the same audio track requiring modifications different for all clips. Need of clipping Sometimes, the recorded audio is a single track; however, some parts […]