Clips – Individual Sections Within an Audio Track

Audio Track

What is a clip? An audio track is split into distinct sections to edit easier. These individual sections are called clips. Audio is a single track while clips are parts of the same audio track requiring modifications different for all clips. Need of clipping Sometimes, the recorded audio is a single track; however, some parts […]

How to create Crossfade?


Have you ever heard of Crossfading? If not, then you must have at least heard about Mashups, otherwise known as Gapless playback or overlapping songs. Luckily, crossfading is just a more a technical term for a mashup. Crossfading is a method for creating quick and smooth transitions between two audio tracks. It’s a type of […]

What is Spectral Selection

What is Spectral Selection

Recording some form of audio? Need some help? We have something here that can help you. Audacity is a free website that helps you record your audio tracks easily, and is in Windows. It supports all types of single-track and multiple–track recordings. Also, it allows for editing and customizing your tracks. Various options for enhancing […]