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We develop easy-to-use and affordable software for home and business users.

It's all about you

We focus on providing essential software for everyday users, like you. Here at Blusky, we serve our customers by understanding their needs, designing software to fulfill those needs, and delivering software products that you enjoy using.


With decades of experience in the consumer software application industry, we prioritize usability without sacrificing functionality. We have developed award-winning digital imaging software, Windows utility software, and consumer security software. These are all enjoyed by millions of happy users around the world everyday.


Our software development team is composed of experienced software engineers with diverse culture backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: relevant software industry experience. Our elite developers are Microsfot Certified Professionals, who have over 10+ years of experience on both the Windows and mobile development platforms.

Help & Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by our solid customer support service. We provide effective and timely technical support to resolve any issues ranging from software installation, functionality questions, inputs for usability, to bug reports and stability issues.

Our Products

ALL Media Player

Audacity for Windows Store

Audiotonic Pro

Speed Test

Who we've worked with

Helpful Resrouces

We are first users of our own software. Therefore, we understand how important it is to have access to a rich set of information, guides, and articles to help you make the best use of our software. Check out the help resources we have prepared for our users. 

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Whether it is for technical support, product ideas, or business partnership, we love to hear from you.

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