Know how to get to help on Audacity

Help Menu

Help Menu: Audacity helps you create exceptional audio files. And, you will come across many options that will help you to create audio files. Every option you use is convenient and effective. It has gained immense popularity due to such features. You can use this convenient software to create audio files. You might face some […]

Equalize the audio in Audacity

Graphic EQ

Graphic EQ: In Audacity, you have a graphic equalization feature, which allows the user to make changes in the audio sound according to frequencies. You can increase sound for some particular frequencies and reduce the same for others. This is an advanced form of audio and tone controllers. Equalize it all! You will find the […]

Flac export options

Flac export options

What is FLAC? FLAC is an abbreviation for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is a digital lossless audio format that comes with a smaller size of format. These formats include uncompressed formats like WAV. Many software applications and hardware support FLAC and the support is on its growth path. How does FLAC Work? Flac export […]