Connecting an instrument

Connecting an Instrument

Connecting an instrument, when you record audios and tracks and edit them, you need to listen to them very carefully. There are chances that when you listen to the audio, the sound may have distortions, due to noise and other disturbances. So, Audacity advises connecting headphones to get a clear sound of your audio without any unnecessary distortions.

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Along with headphones, you might wish to add various other instruments in Audacity. People add keyboard, guitar, etc. to Audacity. But if you do not know how to do this, then this write-up will help you out.

How to connect an instrument with an audio interface?

Whenever you are using an audio interface, there are various aspects that one should always keep in mind. If you connect the instruments with the audio interface incorrectly, you won’t be able to get the output you need. And, the system won’t be able to take the signals.

Connecting a headphone to the interface

  • Plug your headphones and instrument into the device
  • Connect this interface to your device
  • After connecting the instrument, you will need to make some changes to the input device
  • Then, adjust the volume and other settings through the mixer

Connecting a guitar to an audio interface

  • Connect the electro-acoustic guitar or an electric guitar to an audio interface
  • Turn up the volume control of the guitar.
  • An adapter cable with a 1/4 inch mono plug is needed for plugging in the guitar. The cable must have a mono mini-plug on the other side that the user will plug into the computer.
  • Connect an amplifier to your guitar to enhance the audio quality of the recording.

Connecting a microphone to an audio interface

Microphones generally produce comparatively low levels of output. As, a microphone requires a preamp that can amplify the low levels of output, and make it better. Most of the audio interfaces have built in preamps that are good enough for you to start with. Later, you can even get an external preamp. This will lead to a much better quality of sound.

There are audio interfaces that come with a combination of jacks. They are basically combo jacks. And, people use them for microphones. In the case of microphones, always go for the XLR part. As, the TRS part is not suitable for bass instruments or guitar.

Choosing the correct output is very important. Therefore, whenever you buy a cable for a microphone make sure that the cable has XLR female to XLR male. If you mistakenly plug your headphones with a TRS cable, it won’t work. Or, may sound noisy and irritating.

Connecting a Keyboard to an audio interface

If you want to connect your keyboard in Audacity, you can simply insert it in the port present in your device. If your keyboard has RCA jacks in it, then you can connect a dual RCA to the stereo mini plugin. For more details, you can anytime visit the Audacity’s manual page for further information in detail. Click here to learn more.


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