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Extra Menu: Mixer menu and sub contents

Mixer menu

The mixer menu is present in the Extra menu of the toolbar. To manipulate the volume of the audio track, use this menu. The playback or recording you have selected can perform this. The mixer toolbar is also present that provides the same function.

The toolbar has a slider that needs changes to change its volume. Changes in the slider lead to manipulation of the playback or recording. Instead of using this mixer toolbar, you can use the commands mentioned in this article.

There are six commands and each performs a different task on the playback. You can use these commands to manipulate the track easily without changing the playback or recording. When only the volume of the track needs changes, use this menu.

Mixer menu

Contents of Mixer menu

  1. Adjust Playback volume
  2. Increase Playback volume
  3. Decrease Playback volume
  4. Adjust recording Volume
  5. Increase recording Volume
  6. Decrease recording volume

How to use these options in the Mixer menu?

  • The first option is the Adjust playback menu. This opens the playback volume dialog. You can manually input a value for the volume of the playback. This value must be between 0 to 1.
  • Another way to perform the same task is to press ‘tab’; a slider opens and you can change its value by up, down keys. With the use of the slider, you can either increase the volume of the recording or decrease it.
  • If you want to increase the volume of your playback, choose the “Increase playback” volume This option increases the playback volume by 0.1. You can press the key multiple times to increase the volume more.
  • To decrease the volume of the playback, use the Decrease playback volume This option reduces the volume of the playback by 0.1. Enter it more than once to decrease the volume of more than 0.1.
  • The fourth option in this sub-menu bar is the Adjust recording Volume. Just like the playback option, this option is available to change the volume of a recording.
  • You can enter the value of the volume manually. The value should be from 0 to 1 or you can choose this value using the slider. The slider opens when you press the ‘tab’ button. With the help of the slider, you can either increase the volume of the recording or decrease it.
  • Increase the volume of the recording using the Increase recording volume This option allows you to increment the value of the volume of recording by 0.1. Use it multiple times for a higher increment. The volume of the recording present in the audio track is increased.
  • To decrease the volume of the recording, use the Decrease recording volume The function of this option is to reduce the value of volume by 0.1. The volume of recording selected in the track is reduced.


Thus, this article gives you all the knowledge about playback and recording volume manipulation. Use the keyboard shortcuts to save time and effort.

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