File menu: Export sub-menu

export menu

The file menu in the menu bar has the Export option. The main purpose of this option is to export the audio file present in Audacity. You have various formats to export this audio file. And, the multiple formats allow you to use the audio file with separate applications.

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Along with separate formats, you can also export a selected part of the audio, any label of audio, or other such operations. All the contents of the export dropdown menu are as follows:

export menu

Export Dropdown menu

The export dropdown menu has various export options. And, these are based on multiple options. On the basis of each type, the contents of the export menu are as below.

Various formats for exporting

  • Export as MP3: To export the audio file currently in the audio track of Audacity, open the export menu. If you want to export in MP3 format, choose  the ‘Export as MP3’ option. Export the Audacity project currently in selection. And, it will be in compressed MP3 format.
  • Export as WAV: By default, it chooses the current project in Audacity to export. When you select Export as a WAV option from the export menu, it exports your audio project in the  uncompressed WAV format.
  • Export as Ogg Vorbis: To export your audio file or project in the OGG Vorbis format, choose the applications that support this format. And, make sure it can open this file or project.

Export Audio

To just export your project as an audio file, use this option. The ‘Export Audio’ option exports the Audacity project to an audio format supported by other apps. Exporting with a specific format may mix up multiple tracks present in the project.

If you select the Export Audio option, the Export audio dialog box appears. You can choose the file format. And, other details from that dialog box can also be selected.

Export selected Audio

The ‘Export select audio’ option is similar to ‘export audio’. This option exports only a selected part of the audio track. To save a part of the audio track, use this option.

Export Labels

First of all, if the audio track in Audacity contains labels, you can export separate labels from that audio. These labels are exported as text files. However, the label text that is present in the audio track is the name of your exported file.

The audio track can contain multiple labels. Similarly, all the labels are exported when you choose ‘export labels’ option. The main use of this option is for speech transcription. Any application that supports text files can open these exported labels.

Export Multiple

Finally you can export multiple audios at once. So, use the ‘Export multiple’ option. And, export multiple tracks using just one command. This saves time and effort for wrapping similar audios together. You can export selected tracks together.

Export MIDI

To export the selected file as MIDI file, choose ‘Export MIDI’ option. You can make some changes to represent the time and duration as seconds or beats. The application that supports the MIDI file format can open and play or edit this file.


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