How do I Install Lame MP3

Lame MP3

What is Lame?

To encode MP3 files, you require a library called Lame. And, MP3 files can be encoded using the Lame library. You can get this Lame library for free in most countries. However, some countries may need a licensing fee to encode an MP3 file using Lame. Audacity software is open-source software that is free to download. And, it provides you the ability to convert from ogg to mp3, mp3 to ogg and other such transformations.

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Audacity can be used to remove noise from recording. Or, to convert some unsupported format of a recording into a globally supported format. The Lame library can be download free of cost to use with Audacity to get Mp3 files.

How to Install and set up Lame in Audacity in Windows?

Audacity has a built-in library for Lame as its software patent has expired. This library in Audacity is supported by Windows.

  • If you are downloading Audacity officially, Install Lame will be installed automatically.
  • But for Lame, Audacity must have MP3 export support.
  • If you downloaded Audacity unofficially, it might not contain MP3 export support. For that, you have to download it externally.
  • Lame Mp3 encoder needs to be installed which must be a compatible version to the version of Audacity installed.
  • Once you have installed it, you have to place it is Libraries’ preferences for Audacity to use it for MP3 export.

This process is applicable for Windows if Audacity does not support M3 export. But Linux does not follow the same installation process.

How to Install and set up Lame in Audacity in Linux?

Linux has a built-in package manager that collects packages required from the internet. And, downloads it automatically.

  • You just need to enter Lame as the search text in the package manager. After this, it will search the internet and install it into your system.
  • If you do not find a Lame package, you can search it on the Lame Project home page and find your source code there. But generally, this won’t be required by any users other than advanced ones.
  • In some versions, Audacity has by default packages for Lame and hence, it does not even contain libraries packages folder to locate any package individually, it has all the required packages in-built.
  • If you have downloaded a compatible version of Lame externally, in essence, Audacity does not have built-in libraries. Therefore, you will need to locate the library downloaded.
  • In the Audacity software, click on the “Edit” menu. In that, you will find the “Preferences” option, and “Libraries” in it.
  • An option of “MP3 Export Library” would be visible, you need to check if there is a Lame version there. If found, then your Lame has been already connected.
  • If there is no version, click on the Locate button and then browse the library that you downloaded. And, give the path where it is stored.

Thus, you can connect Lame to your Audacity software. And, it can be easily encode mp3 files from any other format. Click here to learn more.


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