How to Import Audio Files to Audacity

Import Audio Files

To import an audio file to an existing project, you can choose File > Import > Audio or drag the files into the current project window.

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If you want to import a file into a new project, use Files > Open instead.

Audacity naively supports the following file format AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGC Vorbis and WAV.

If you want to import more file formats, you can install the FFmpeg library (optional) for importing your files. And if the file is not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). Click here to learn more.

How to Import a CD

Audacity doesn’t support directly import from an audio CD. Instead, you need to extract audio tracks from a CD to AIFF or WAVm file formats using other applications like Windows Media Player. 

How to Play Audio

  • To start playback, press the Play   button
  • Press the Pause    button once to pause the playback and press it again to resume.
  • Press the Stop   button to stop
  • You can use “Space” to either stop or play. The playback resumes from the last starting point after stopping.
  • You can use Transport>Playing>Play/Stop-and Set Cursor or use “X” to stop the playback and set cursor at a specific point. The Playback resumes from the point stopped when pressing Play.
  • You can change the starting point to your like by clicking in the track at the starting point desired and use “Space” to play from there.
  • You can drag after clicking a selection region in the wave form and then used “Space” for playing from the start to the end of the selection.
  • For Loop-play any selection in a repeated manner until stopped hold “Shift” and click on the Play button or you can also use the “Shift + Space” shortcut on the keyboard. This can be also used for playing the entire track in a repeated manner until this has stopped.
  • Use the Skip to Start   and Skip to end    for skipping to the start or to the end of the track.


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