How to Setup Audacity

How to Setup Audacity

In this article, you will learn how to setup Audacity on your device. Audacity is widely used audio editor software that you can use to record and edit audio and different types of sounds. It is an open-source platform, which means it is free for all operating systems.

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Setting up Audacity

If you want to set up audacity on your PC, then you need to follow some instructions. When you launch the audacity software the device toolbar appears on the screen. If in the case, it does not appear just simply select View option then select Toolbars.

Now you need to follow some instructions for setting up the software.

  • If you want to record something in stereo mode or mono mode, you need to select the recording channel option and choose according to your needs.
  • Now you need to set a playback as well as a recording device to your system or any sound device that you are using.
  • There are different ways for the different operating systems to set up a sound device. So the following are the instructions to set up the device.
    • Windows: In case you have windows OS, you need to select the line-in option for the device that is connected.
    • Linux:In Linux OS you just need to simply select the sound device which is connected.
  • In case you are unable to set up your sound device through the given instructions, or you are unable to record, choose operating system mixer for your requirement.

How to Setup Audacity


You can also hear your recording side by side as you are working on it, which is Monitoring.

Software playthrough

If you want to keep a check on your recording, you can use software playthrough. However, these types of methods cause stress on your computer. Now, you can do this in Audacity and your OS both.

Following are the instructions to do so:-

  • In Audacity – To hear your recording in Audacity, you need to select software playthrough which is in recording preferences.
  • Windows – In Windows, you need to follow some steps-
    • Select your sound.
    • Choose properties
    • On the listen tab
    • Choose to listen to this device.
  • Linux – Linux does not require any software playthrough. Instead, it uses ALSA and pulses audio in most of the modern systems.

Hardware playthrough

One can utilize the feature of Hardware playthrough to do over-dubbing. It is a good way to use an external USB which already has a headphone jack. Because, this results in no latency monitoring.

How to set the level of Volume?

To alter the level of volume of your recording input, select the arrow which is pointing downward from the recording meter and select “Start monitoring”.


In case you are playing a louder part of the recording, you need to adjust the volume by adjusting the recording slider. Recording slider is on the mixer toolbar. It ensures that the recording meter reaches the right-hand end of the scale. However, you must make sure that meter does not reach the right end, as it will cause a disturbance in the recording.

In case you are not able to see recording meters, just click on view toolbars then check the meter toolbar.

So this was all about how to set up Audacity. We hope that this was helpful to you.


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