Learn how to connect your equipment to Audacity

Connect your equipment with Audacity

If you are in search of software that will help you create amazing audio files, you must use Audacity. You will come across various options while using this software. You can use them easily to create great audio files. They are very convenient to apply. And, they generate great results.

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Audacity offers many options that will facilitate the creation of audio files. You can easily import or export your track files with the help of this software. You need to connect your equipment to start off the process of the creation of audio files. So, read below to learn how to connect your equipment.

Connect the device to the computer line

If you want to connect your equipment, you must have strong input connected accepted signals. You can make use of any of the two inputs-

  1. Computer line is blue in colour. It is separate from the computer’s microphone.
  2. If that does not work you can use the USB to connect.

You must connect to the device’s record output to connect it to the computer line. You must not connect it to the mic-in port of the computer. To connect to these, you need a cable that has two RCA plugs at one end and a stereo at the other end.

It is recommended that you do not connect to the microphone or single audio. If you do so, the microphone will increase signals that are strong. This will damage the microphone.

If you are not able to get proper volume while you are recording, always try using the input-line first followed by a microphone.

Connect your equipment with Audacity

Use a USB

If you are unable to connect the device to a computer line, you can always use a USB to connect. It is a good alternative to the computer line.

You can use specific devices such as the Behringer or Art USB phono plus to connect your equipment. In addition, these devices are easy to connect and offer good service.

If you want to reduce the sound from a USB, then you must plug all mains- powered equipment into the board. You can also use a multi-socket to do the same thing.

Use a tape deck

If you want to use a device that will help you connect your equipment with Audacity, you can use a tape deck.

If you want to record audio from a cassette you can easily use a tape deck. You simply need to connect this deck to your computer. One does not need an amplifier or receiver. You can also use headphones that do not require jacks to connect. It is best if you set the level near to its maximum. Then, you can adjust the level of recording easily.

Connecting your equipment is an imperative step to create an audio file. Audacity will help you to create audio files with the help of these various options. In addition, you can connect the equipment to a computer line or a USB and create audio files conveniently.


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