Play Audio on Audacity at your Convenience

Ever wanted to mix two tracks, merge them or make a new music file by cutting half of a music file? We’re pretty sure; it’s yes. Everyone thinks of this at some point in their life, because everyone has a unique taste in music.

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Everyone usually has many multimedia files to listen to songs, but it gets complicated at times when it comes to mixing, merging, or cropping. Also, most of the software applications available on the internet are paid versions. So, what to do in these cases?

Audacity is the one-stop solution for that. You should download Audacity software, which is an open-source platform for all music editing activities. You can play the music, crop the music, edit them, merge as many audio tracks as you want, looping, and much more. It is even possible to create 3D-sound forms by modifying the waveforms of the left and right sides of Audio.

So, how do we play Audio on Audacity? Well, that’s a simple 2 minute read below to understand. Keep on reading Click here for learn more

Importing Audio

To play with any sound, you will need to introduce a file in Audacity. It is assume that you already have the file on your PC or laptop. Post assumption, there are two methods to import audio files in Audacity.

First, click on the file; you’ll find the ‘open’ button. When you hit open, a browse window will open. You’ll have to navigate the folder to the section where your audio file is located. Select the Audio File, and it will load to Audacity. Click here to learn more.

Second, you can directly go to the section where your audio file/files are located on your PC or laptop. Select the file and drag and drop in the Audacity window. The file or files will get loaded to Audacity.

Some may wonder how to extract, rip, and import files from CDs. However, to understand the procedure, you’ll need to hover to our section – ‘Tutorial – How to import CDs.’

Play Audio

Audacity supports AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG Vorbis, M4A (AAC), MOV and WAV formats.

Play Audio 

Once the import of the audio file is done, you’ll see all the technical buttons to play to the music that will be turn on.

  • Play: To play the music, click on the green play button .
  • Pause: Press the black ‘Pause’ button right next to the play button.
  • Stop: Press the black ‘Stop’ button .
  • Play/Stop via Keyboard: You can also use the shortcut, the ‘SPACE’ button from your keyboard to play or stop. Once you stop or pause via space and repress space, the sound will be play from the previous starting point only.

If you want to play it from the point of stopping, you’ll need to freeze the cursor by pressing ‘X‘ or choosing ‘Play/Stop and Set Cursor.’ Now, the sound will re-play from the point it was stopped.

Or, if you want to play or re-play the sound from a specific point, drag your mouse to the location and click, the music will play from that point now. You can also loop the by using ‘Shift+Space.


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