Select and Edit Audios in Audacity

Select and Edit Audios

Select and Edit Audios: Audacity is an open-source music application software, which allows you to edit and record audio. One can use Audacity for various tasks, like recording, mixing, and splitting tracks. In addition, one can also make ringtones, and so much more. If you are a music lover or a video editor, then you need to use this software! As, it has numerous beneficial features to offer.

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Before you can ever start editing the audios, you need to select the audios. Or, a part of them. Selecting is a crucial step, because many times one may need to apply a specific set of edits, only to particular parts of the videos. You can achieve this only by carefully selecting the video lengths over which you have to apply these.

Different ways to select

  • One may select the whole audio track length, by using the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+A’. Or, by clicking on the Select menu, and then clicking Select All.
  • The whole of one particular track can be selected by clicking on the Select button. This is particularly the one present in the Audio Track Panel.
  • Now, what if you don’t want to select the whole length, but only a part of it? You can do that as well! In the toolbar at the left, you will find the ‘I’ button.
  • That is the selection button. Click on that, and select the region of the track you want to select. You can make this selection by holding the left mouse button and dragging until the end of the desired selection.
  • You can continue the selection within various tracks. Further, you can do this selection from right to left or from left to right. Click on the ‘Esc’ button.
  • This will take you out of the selection zone. If you click on the ‘Select’ button while holding the shift key, this will enable the toggles of the selected area.
  • You can select by double-clicking also, but this will select only one selected clip.

Deselecting tracks

The selected tracks always appear with a yellow border. You can easily deselect the selected area. If you start selecting the already selected area, then it will eventually deselect it. You can do that by double-clicking at the clip, or by clicking ‘Ctrl+A’.

Addition of tracks

If you want to add new tracks to the already selected tracks, then press the ‘Ctrl’ key. And, click on the desired track’s control panel. This will lead to the addition of these particular tracks into the already selected area. One can do the same to delete tracks from the selected ones. Press ‘Ctrl’ key, and click on the track’s control panel to deselect it.

There is another way to select a big number of tracks in order. If you select a track by clicking on its Control Panel, and then press the ‘Shift’ key, and then click on another track. This will select all the tracks between them. This will also include these two tracks.

Selection using Toolbar

You can make selections using the Toolbar. It has some useful options to select tracks by defining their starting point and the ending time. This can also be done by selecting the starting time and the time length up to which selection has to be made. It allows you to select the time in hours, minutes, and milliseconds.


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