Using Export Multiple in Audacity

Export Multiple

Export Multiple is a dialog box that pops up as a response to the File- Export- Export multiple commands. This particular command does the work of exporting a number of files at one time. Exporting multiple files by the label is a simpler way to export separate files for each track in one long recording. Click here to learn more.

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Exporting the location and formats

Here are a few steps that will help you with exporting locations and formats to your file.

  • Folder- The folder displays the export location of the files.
  • Choose- click on the “choose” button, and it will open a dialog- Standard File Export. Here, you can do the selection of the location where you went to export the files.
  • Create- After that, type a file path and then click n the create button and the directory shall be made.
  • Format- Choose one format from the export formats menu.


You can make use of the options panel for choosing the suitable option for the export format that you have selected. This will enable you to make changes in settings like quality changes or encoding.


Splitting files on the basis of

  • Tracks- export each track to a separate file. You can name the file on the basis of track names.
  • Labels- Choose the label option if a project consists of labels in it. This can even apply if a project has one or more audio track(s). The only useful labels are the ones that are in the top-most label track.
  • If more than a single track is above the level of the label track, then the audio will get mixed. You can use the mute button to exclude them from the mix.
  • Always remember, that the label track should contain a minimum of one point label. The point labels mark the beginning of every section of audio.
  • The region label spans every section of your audio that you wish to create separately.

If you want to split files on basis of tracks and labels, then the metadata exported will remain the same.

Naming the files

You can name the files on the basis of

  • Use the track or label name- You can name each file on the basis of the selected label. It will be exactly the same as the name of the audio track. Audacity will name the associated files as untitled.
  • Numbering before the label of track name- you can prefix the track or label name by a two-digit number for naming the file. It is the best choice if you’re burning the tracks to a CD.

Examples of numbering before a file name

If you have named a label as “Beats,” then the exported files will be named as “01- Beats”. In case the labels are empty then the name would look like “01- Untitled”.

Examples of numbering after filename

If you are willing to keep the file name first, then you can keep the label name first and then add the numbers at the last. It will look like “Beats-01”.


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