Learn about Chris’ Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor

Chris’s Dynamic Compressor is a famous plug-in that helps in removing the abrupt interventions of volume, by employing this compressor. If you wish to soften the audio, or work on the loudness, you can use Chris’s Dynamic Compressor. You will be able to find various links for this compressor. As, there are many versions of […]

Crossfade tracks: Effect, parameters, and settings

Crossfade Tracks

Crossfade tracks: If you want to make a smooth transition from one track to another, you can use the Crossfade Tracks effect. This effect will crossfade the two tracks you have selected. And, place the track you want to fade out above the track you want to fade in. Firstly, you have to overlap these […]

Crossfade clips: Its usage, limitation, and application

Crossfade clips

Crossfade clips: Audacity has an effect called crossfade clips The main function of this effect is to crossfade a pair of clips that you select from the same audio track. This effect contains no parameters to set. And, it applies to the audio that you select. How to use it? You have to follow the […]

How to create Nyquist Plugins in Audacity?

Nyquist Plugins

Nyquist Plugins: Audacity, being a large platform, has various users around the world. Thus, it constantly tries to improve its functions, and produce the best outcome for its users. It aims at providing numerous features, and the best user- experience. Though the Audacity software is completely free, its services are on par with those of […]

Guide To Use Audacity: Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: For music lovers and creators, it is very important that they “play” with their music. Here, “playing” with the music simply means editing the music. Editing the music could be: Cropping the song Mixing different songs Editing the pitch of the song Recording the song with different tunes By creating fades with the […]

Copying and Pasting a section of audio in Audacity


Audacity provides the feature of copying and pasting a small, or large, section from any audio to a different track. It may turn out to be very helpful for many people. And, it is useful for completing various tasks. Copying and Pasting a section of your audio to different audio in Audacity is a very […]

What is the Change pitch and how to use it?

Change pitch

Change pitch: When you select a track, and you need to change the pitch of that track, but you do not want to change the speed of the track, you can use Change pitch. The track might have some current pitch in percentage. You can change that value of percentage up or down. These changes […]

How to Change the Tempo?

Change Tempo

Changing Tempo is a feature that largely benefits its users. Also, it is easy to handle. Changing Tempo is basically changing the length or duration of the track, without making any change in the pitch. To change the tempo of the selected region in Audacity, you need to click on the effect and then choose […]