Crossfade clips: Its usage, limitation, and application

Crossfade clips

Crossfade clips: Audacity has an effect called crossfade clips The main function of this effect is to crossfade a pair of clips that you select from the same audio track. This effect contains no parameters to set. And, it applies to the audio that you select.

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How to use it?

You have to follow the following steps to crossfade clips in a selected audio track.

  • Take the two clips you want to crossfade.
  • Place these clips in your current audio track.
  • You have to select the same amount of region. One region from the end of the first clip, and another from the start of the second clip.
  • These regions of both clips should be of approximately the same size.
  • Now you can apply the effect.
  • Thus, crossfading is applied to the region you selected.

Crossfade Clips

These clips do not have to be continuous. As, it ignores the white spaces present in the audio clips while applying crossfading to them.

When you use clips for crossfading that are continuous, it takes the first half and the second half of the audio. These halves are crossfaded. To apply the effect onto the audio, select the apply button.

Dialog box

When you select the apply option to apply the effect on the audio track, a dialog box appears. In this dialog box, you can see the processing of the effect. You can see the time that has elapsed for applying the effect, and the remaining time for the effect to successfully apply on the audio track.

There is a cancel button on this dialog box. You can cancel any time before the progress bar in dialog box finishes. This will put the effects on the audio track you have selected. And any changes you made will not apply to the original track.

Limitations for applying the effect

There are some limitations to applying crossfading on two clips in an audio track. You have to know that you can use crossfading for two clips. But, you cannot use crossfading on more than or less than two clips. This is the first limitation of the crossfading effect.

The region that you select for crossfading should have no white spaces. These regions should not have white spaces at the start or end of these clips. This will not let you apply the effect on the audio track that you select.


You can apply the crossfading effect by placing the clips of the same size in a track. Their start and end should be in alignment. To apply, you can select the effect menu and ‘crossfade clips’ option on that menu. Your crossfading is complete.

Final Words

If there is any glitch in the audio track, you can solve it using crossfading. The area before the glitch and the area after the glitch are the two clips. The amount of region selected from both of the clips is equal to the length of the glitch. Then, you can apply crossfading and remove the glitch. Click here to learn more.


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