Equalization in Audacity


Equalization is used to manipulate and edit the audios according to their frequencies. This is to bring to your kind notice that this feature has been removed from Audacity. But it has been bifurcated into two tools, namely Filter Curve and Graphic EQ. Filter Curve The filter curve is an equalization tool. When you click […]

Start using the Envelope Tool on Audacity

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: Audacity is a software that helps in the creation of audio files. There are plenty of options through which you can create an audio file. You can use import, export or any other option to ensure the creation of audio files. Such options shall help you to create audio. You can use the […]

Connecting an Instrument to Your Computer

Connecting an Instrument

Connecting an Instrument: Many technologies have come into existence to re-shape and revolutionize the music industry. These advancements occur whilst delivering a cost-effective opportunity to all music enthusiasts . And, allow the creation of soothing masterpieces. Here, let us consider the program, Audacity, that has made it possible to play the strings of a guitar […]

Effects preferences in Audacity

Effects preferences

Effects preferences in Audacity, you get a lot of options that are useful for recording, editing, enhancing, customizing, and beautifying your audio. You can use all these features to get the best experience. It will help you make you improve your audio. And, you can achieved your desired effects. The main use of Audacity is […]

Effect Menu: Nyquist and its sub-menu

Nyquist Menu

Nyquist Menu : In the effect menu, the effects of Nyquist plug-ins are present. You can get various effects that are optional in this menu. You can also get built-in audio generators for Audacity. Various analysis tools for Audacity are available on this menu. Options in Nyquist menu Adjustable Fade This is the first effect […]

Tracks Menu in Audacity

Tracks menu

Tracks menu: Audacity is a digital audio editing software that you can use to edit recordings. It is an open-source, cross-platform, software available for free on Windows. Tracks menu Tracks menu has various components, like: Removing and creating new tracks For mixing, resampling, muting or unmuting tracks. Adding or editing labels (Mute All Tracks Shortcut: […]