Effect Menu: Nyquist and its sub-menu

Nyquist Menu

Nyquist Menu : In the effect menu, the effects of Nyquist plug-ins are present. You can get various effects that are optional in this menu. You can also get built-in audio generators for Audacity. Various analysis tools for Audacity are available on this menu.

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Options in Nyquist menu

Adjustable Fade

This is the first effect of the Nyquist menu and is applicable for fade-in and fade-out effects. You can select the shape for the fade effect. It allows you to create your own fade effect. Fade effect from 20% volume to 80% volume can be created with this.


Clip Fix

There might be some clipped regions in your audio. Loss of signal or other reasons may create such regions. You can fix these regions with a clip fix option.

Crossfade clips

To join two clips with a fade effect you can use this option. This effect is applicable to two clips only, one to fade in and others to fade out.

Crossfade tracks

You can crossfade one or more tracks with this effect. You can select a region and the effect of whether to fade in or out.


You can apply the delay effect with variable configuration. The delay time can vary and you can even change the pitch shifting of delays.

High-Pass Filter

The frequencies above the “cut-off” frequencies can pass while below the cut-off frequencies attenuate. The main application of this effect is to remove low-frequency noise.


This effect limits the signal to a specific level. It prevents the signals above that level to cross this threshold.

Low-pass filter

The frequencies below the cut-off can pass. It attenuates the frequencies above this cut-off value. This effect is applicable to the reduction of high pitched noise.

Notch filter

If the frequency band is narrow, this effect attenuates it. To remove a whistle without affecting the remaining audio, you can use this effect.

Nyquist prompt

You can enter Nyquist commands in this dialog box. With this language, you can process and produce audios.

Spectral edit multitool

You can apply this effect when you have made a spectral selection. You have to fully define this spectral selection.

Spectral edit parametric EQ

You can apply band cut or band boost effect corresponding to the value you input in Gain. For this, you have to fully define the spectral selection.

Spectral edit shelves

To apply a low shelf or high shelf filter you can use this effect. After defining the spectral selection, you can apply this effect.

Studio Fade out

This fade-out is smooth and sounds musical. This fade is a sinusoidal containing a “Low pass filter”.


The rate and depth you select in the dialog box modulate the volume.

Vocal reduction and isolation

This effect tries to remove the audio that is center-panned. Generally, we record vocals in this manner.


To modulate a signal on the left side with the carrier on the right side, the vocoder is used. You can use this to produce a robotic voice.

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