Extra menu: Selection and its contents

Selection Menu

The menu bar in Audacity contains an ‘extra’ menu. This menu has various options for additional functionalities. The selection sub-menu allows you to change the settings to ‘Snap-to’. There are various commands that can extend and contract the selected audio. Snap-to settings in Selection dropdown There are eleven options in the selection dropdown menu. All […]

Extra Menu – The Seek Option

The Seek Option

Audacity lets you do so much! You can edit your audio tracks very conveniently with it. And if you want to skip some audio snippets while playing the audio, the Seek option can be used. The ‘Seek’ option is present in the ‘Extra’ menu bar. When you click on ‘Seek’, a sub-menu will appear that […]

Extra menu: Play-at-speed and sub contents

Play at speed

What is the Play-at-speed option? The extra menu present in the menu bar has a ‘Play at speed’ option, that gives commands to manipulate. You can manipulate the ‘Play at speed’ toolbar using this option. This also option contains eight commands, for manipulation of the playback speed. Sub-menu of the Play-at-speed option Normal play at […]

Extra menu: Focus and sub contents

focus menu

To get extra commands for the focus of your audio track, read this article. Here, information regarding focus changes to the audio track are available. As, these commands are not available in the default menu of Audacity. In the extra menu present on the menu bar in Audacity, the focus sub-menu is available. This focus […]

Extra menu: Scriptables 1

Scriptables 1

The Scriptables 1 is a menu that provides you commands that are useful for scripting via Python, Macros, etc. These commands were originated for the scripting of Audacity. The commands are present in the menu. Selecting something The selection of time, frequency, and track are useful for selecting the audio. There is a dialogue that […]