Extra menu: Scriptables 1

Scriptables 1

The Scriptables 1 is a menu that provides you commands that are useful for scripting via Python, Macros, etc. These commands were originated for the scripting of Audacity. The commands are present in the menu.

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Scriptables I

Selecting something

The selection of time, frequency, and track are useful for selecting the audio. There is a dialogue that combines all three.

Selecting the time

The time between the start time and the end time is the selected time. The ruler on the screen displays the time. The selected time is adjustable according to the user.

Selecting the frequencies

The selected frequencies range from high frequency to low frequency. It is useful for the purpose of spectral selection. The users select a frequency range that is suitable for some particular effects.

Selecting the tracks

There are two major things you have to check while the selection of a track- first track and the track count. The first track refers to the number of the first track which starts from 0. Whereas, the track count refers to the number of tracks selected. The default number here is 1.

The parameter “Mode” allows the user to make arbitrary track selection through adding or eliminating a track from the currently selected track.

Setting the track

There are three important dialogs check- the Set track status dialog, set track audio dialog, and set track visual dialog. These settings are useful in setting the properties of the currently selected tracks. There is also a compound version available which combines all the three settings in one. This feature sets the properties of a track and a channel. Setting a single channel of a stereo track may give you interesting effects. The name is useful in setting the name of a track, not in choosing the track.

Get and set the preferences

The get info-preferences dialog gets you the preference settings. It gets a list of all the preferences at once. The set preference dialog allows you to make settings of a single preference. These include settings like theme changing, etc.

Setting a clip

This dialog allows you to modify a certain clip by setting the track or channel at a particular time. It also allows you to set color and the starting position of the track. Just make sure you don’t overlap the clips though it is allowed but not preferred.

Setting an envelope

You can also do modifications in a clip by keeping a specific track or channel in it. You just cannot delete any individual envelope points, but you can delete the envelopes by using the delete=1 command.

Setting the label

This dialog allows the user to modify an existing label. But, first, you must give a number to your label in order to modify it later.

Setting the project

This feature does the task of setting a project window at a particular location and size. It also sets the Project Rate. You can make changes to the caption but Audacity can overwrite it later.


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