Audacity’s extended import preferences

Extended Import Preferences

You must use Audacity if you are wanting to create some amazing audio files. There are many features that allow you to create such files. If you want to have a well-maintained and up-to-date audio file, you must use Audacity. You can import, export and record tracks to create audio files. Hence, you need to use these features efficiently to enhance the quality of your audio.

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You can use the extended import to enhance audio quality. And, one can maintain the audio quality with the help of such preferences. Have a look:

Extended Import Preferences

Know about the extended import feature

With the help of this feature, you can allocate the order in which you work with the import libraries. In addition, if you are trying to import audio files with the named extensions, you can use these filters.

You can use this feature by using a filter in the Open file dialog first. It is a checkbox that shall help you to use this feature in a better manner. It is going to control the importer that has been completed before. This is done when you try to import a specific type of file. You can proceed with this feature by using commands. Though, you need to enter a few commands to ensure the running of this feature.

Checked or unchecked-learn about it here

If you find that this audio file has been checked, this file type helps in knowing about the importer. And, you can have a better understanding of the import of these files. You will be able to see this even when a rule has been applied.

If you find that the file has been unchecked, Audacity will help you by working with the default importer, regardless of the file type.

Rules of working with the filters

If you are looking forward to working with the filters, you must be aware of a few rules:

When you are trying to import a file with a given extension, Audacity selects an importer. It will make this choice according to the rule starting at the top of the “importer order”.

There are various extensions to perform the import. You need to be careful about the order of the import. And, you will have to work with these files, and move them in various directions, to perform the import function. In addition, you will have to move the rule up and down, or the filter to import.

Audacity as a software has emerged to be one of the most used softwares to date. And, audio editing has never been more convenient! You get to work with various options and features to create an audio file. Additionally, there are filters, commands, and few steps to do the import.

You can also detect errors with the help of this software. And, this will help you enhance the quality of your audio. It will help you to provide a finishing touch. And, one can conveniently create audio files.


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