Start working with the Extra menu feature of Audacity

extra menu

Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares for audio creation. There are many features, such as import, export, recording and many more to help you create audio files. There are many options on the toolbar, which shall help you in the convenient creation of audio files. They help in the process of creating the audio.

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This feature is highly beneficial for visually impaired people. If you are in search of a feature that will help you to create audio files, Audacity is here to help.

If you are looking for any other option that will make the creation easier, you must read about the extra menu by Audacity.

extra menu

Learn about the Extra menu

Before you start working with this option, you need to know what the Extra menu is. Have a look below to learn more:

If you are using the Extra menu, you will be able to use the Toolbar operations.  And if you want to create audio, you can use the commands used for focusing on the tracks. You can have access to the editing as well. In addition, you will be able to use the playback cursor that is not present on the Audacity toolbar.

This feature is highly beneficial for visually impaired people. As, they can easily use this option to create an audio file. You might be find it troublesome to use the mouse. In that case, the extra menu shall help you conveniently use Audacity.

You can also use shortcuts. If you want to use the shortcuts, you need to use commands.

Know about the sub-menus

As you work with the extra menu on Audacity, you might have to come across various sub-menus. Have a look:

  • You can use Transport submenu. This menu allows you to extended commands to work with the recording of tracks.
  • You can use the Tools submenu. One can also use this to make a selection for the tool. You will have to use the commands to do this.
  • If you wish to choose a device, you might have to use the Device submenu. To do that, you might have to use various commands as well.
  • You can perform editing with the help of the editing submenu.
  • If you wish to make changes in the volume of audio, you will have to work with the Mixer submenu.

Learn about the two groups

If you are working with Audacity’s extra menu, you need to know about the two groups.

Once you start working with this menu, you will find a box on your screen.

The first half of this box represents options equal to the toolbar actions. If you are planning to work and attain results with the help of toolbars, you can get the same using this menu.

The second halves of these options represent the scriptable.

Audacity offers various options and features that are essential for the creation of audio files. If you want to create some great audio files, you must use these features right now.


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