Audacity’s Effect menu: Built-in


Built-in: To all those who use Audacity, or want to use it, here is something that you might like. Audacity is a platform that provides an excellent service to record, enhance, edit, customize, save, import, and export recordings and tracks. You can easily use all these features for free, through Audacity.

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When we talk about Audacity’s features, the first thing that comes to mind is editing and enhancing audios. To edit/ enhance your audios, you use the Audacity’s effect menu. It has a lot of effects that you can use to customize and beautify your tracks and recordings. The effect menu has various sub-options. One of them is the Built-in option.

The built-in option consists of all the Audacity inbuilt effects. It is present above the divider in the Effects menu. If you do not know how to use it, then go through this write- up. Or, you can visit Audacity’s manual page to get all the details at anytime.

Various built-in effects

The built-in option consists of numerous effects that you can use in Audacity. The use of all of these effects is written below.


The amplify option helps you to increase or decrease the volume of the audio that you are recording. You can easily adjust the volume of your tracks and recordings using this feature in Audacity.

Auto duck

This is the second option that the built-in menu provides. You can use it to reduce the volume of the track. The track may be one or more. Luckily, it is easy and simple to use.

Bass and treble 

The name itself suggests the use of this option. This is the third option available in the built-in menu. It is also one of the most helpful options for users. You can simply use it to change the lower and higher frequencies of your audio. And, you can also increase or decrease the frequency according to your preferences.

Change pitch, speed, and tempo

You can use the change pitch option to adjust the pitch of your audio. This does not make any change to the tempo of the recording or track. Using change speed will adjust the speed of the audio and change tempo will alter the length.

Classic filters and Click removal

The use of classic filters option is to provide different filters that you can use in Audacity. Click removal will help you remove unnecessary clicks that are present in your audio.

Compressor and distortion

The compressor option changes the audio by making louder parts softer or softer parts louder. And, the distortions options will add distortions to your audio.


The next option in the built-in menu is Echo. This option helps you repeat the audio. If you use this, you will hear the audio on repeat.

Fade in and Fade out

These options change the amplitude of the audio. Fade in changes amplitude from silence to sound. In contrast, fade out takes the audio from sound to silence.

The other features

Apart from these, there are many other features available in the built-in menu. These include filter curve, graphic EQ, Invert, and many more. You can visit Audacity for further details.


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