Learn about the Effect menu in Audacity

Effect Menu

Effect Menu: Audacity is digital audio editing software that one can use to edit recordings. It is open-source, cross-platform software available at no cost on Windows and other OS. It is one of the most powerful audio editors out there. Effect menu in audacity You can use built-in effects on or use plugin effects. In […]

Audacity’s Effect menu: Built-in


Built-in: To all those who use Audacity, or want to use it, here is something that you might like. Audacity is a platform that provides an excellent service to record, enhance, edit, customize, save, import, and export recordings and tracks. You can easily use all these features for free, through Audacity. When we talk about […]

Audacity’s Effect menu: Audio Unit

Audio Unit

Audio Unit: Effects and Customization is one of the major parts of Audacity. Apart from recording and saving audios/tracks, people love Audacity for its great variety of features to enhance and customize their audio. It offers an extremely useful effect menu that has various features. You can also use it to beautify your audios. One […]

Remove special: Contents and functions of sub-menu

Remove Special

Remove Special: In the edit menu of Audacity application, there is a remove special option. You can remove audio or labels in the audio with remove special option. This performs the split cut and split remove functions. In addition, there is no change to the right part of the audio. The four options available in […]

How to Edit, resize and move Labels?

Edit resize and move labels

Edit resize and move labels: Once you add the point labels and region labels, you might need to change them. You can change the text, size, and even type of the labels. Changing from a point label to a region label and vice versa is also possible. The methods of changing labels, their content, and […]