Change Speed and its parameters

Change Speed

What is Change speed?

The selected track can have a change in its speed using change speed. By changing speed, you will also affect the tempo, frequency, and pitch of the track. And, when you reduce the speed of the selected track, the frequencies decrease.

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The frequencies increase when you increase the speed of the track. Therefore, if you want to change the tempo without making any change to the frequency range or pitch, you can select the Change Tempo option under the Effect menu. All the controls of a track are connected to each other. Hence, any change in one of them may affect others.

Change Speed

Speed Multiplier and percent change?

The speed multiplier section in the dialog box denotes the number of times speed should be increased or decreased. The value you input is multiplied with the current speed of the track. You can enter any value from 0.01 to 50.00 in the speed multiplier box. You cannot apply a value that is not in this range. If you apply such value, it will show an error.

You can also enter the value in percentage. This percentage value is the percent of the current speed that can increase or decrease accordingly. You can select it using the slider available on the screen. The value of the speed multiplier updates as you select the value of percentage change.

The acceptable values for percentage change are -99% to 4900%, which is the same range as a speed multiplier. The values which are not in this range will disable the OK button, and that cannot be a value.

Length Of The Original And Modified Track?

You can denote the length of the track you select in the playback by the current length control. This time control is just to show the length of the track, and it is not editable. That is, the value of the length of the track cannot be manipulated. Once you successfully apply the current effect to it, the length of the track changes.  The New Length is the time control that shows the length of the track.

Buttons on the Dialog Box

The buttons on the dialog box of Change speed control are as follows: The manage button on the left bottom corner is to how the details of this change speed tool and the preset values. This is just for the information of the user. The preview button next to it shows how the track may sound after the effect is applied. It is just a preview of the effect you apply to the track. And, you can save the effect applied on the track, by clicking on the OK button.

Once you have applied the effect on the selected track, the dialog box will disappear. If you want to make no changes to your original track, and the effect does not need to be applied, you can press the Cancel button. For any help or queries regarding the tool, the help button is available. And, it contains the manual for easy use.


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