Edit Menu: Labeled audio and its sub-menu

Labeled Audio

Labeled Audio: The ‘Labeled audio’ option is present in the edit menu. You can cut or mute audio using the labelled audio selection, and perform any type of editing to various labels. Also, you can select all the labels you want to edit, and apply the edits to all the labels that you select. Sub-menu […]

It is time to use Edit Menu with Audacity

Edit Menu

Edit Menu: Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares. It offers many features that help in the development of good audio. And, is one of the most used software programs, gaining more popularity due to its various effects. You have the option of working effortlessly with the waveforms as well. Also, you have the […]

Audacity’s draw tool to work on the waveforms

Draw Tool

Draw tool: Audacity is one of the most used and well-known softwares for creating audio files. It is friendly, convenient, and effective. You can work on Audacity and explore various options that shall help you create great audio files. Once you collaborate with this amazing software, you will discover various options to choose from. It […]

Dithering Effect Of Audacity Right Here


Dithering: Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares for creating of audio files. Audacity offers various options through which you can create amazing audio files. It is going to help you to enhance the quality of your audio. You can use various features such as import, export and other features to bring an overall […]

Distortion: Introduction, types, and usage


What is the distortion effect? To distort the sound, you can use the distortion effect. The frequency content changes when you distort the sound. Thus, the sound will become crunchy. You can also call it a wave-shaper. Distortion types The types of distortion are like shaping functions. These functions show the mapping of the input […]

How to use the Directories preferences?

Directories preferences

Directories Preferences: When you open the edit menu in Audacity and select the preferences option, you have an option of ‘directories’. This is to set the path of ‘session data’ directory. As, the directory is necessary for Audacity. Dialog Box The directories preferences dialog box appears, after selecting the directories option from the preferences menu. […]

Go digital with Audacity’s Digital Audio features

Digital Audio

Digital Audio: Audacity is one of the most used and well-known softwares for creating audio files. It is friendly, convenient and effective. Audacity offers many features, which shall help you create amazing audio. Whether it is import, export, recording, or usage of devices, it is more convenient and effective working with Audacity. In the recent […]

Learn about the device preferences with Audacity

Device Preference

Device Preference: If you want to create a fabulous audio file, you must make use of various device preferences on Audacity. It is going to help you create great audio files. Once you start using Audacity, you are going to have a great experience in exploring. and creating audio. You will get a chance to […]

The Audacity’s Device Toolbar

Device toolbar

When you use Audacity, you will find a device toolbar on the screen. It is very useful for Audacity users. If you do not know what the use of the device toolbar is, , then we are here to help! Here are all the necessary details about the device toolbar available in Audacity. Also, for […]

How to select and create labels in Audacity?

select and create labels

Select and create labels: Audacity is the perfect platform to record and edit your tracks, recordings, and audios. It is easy to use, and completely user friendly. It provides a large variety of features and enhancements for its users. People love and enjoy using Audacity. Along with so many other features, Audacity provides a feature […]