Dithering Effect Of Audacity Right Here


Dithering: Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares for creating of audio files. Audacity offers various options through which you can create amazing audio files. It is going to help you to enhance the quality of your audio.

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You can use various features such as import, export and other features to bring an overall efficiency to the audio creation process. If you want to create audio files, you must use Audacity’s effects.

However, you need to be aware of these effects to ensure the creation of audio files. Have a look at the recent one in this article.


Know about the Dither effect

When you intend to reduce the bit depth of the digital audio, you need to use the Dither. It is the randomization done intentionally of errors. The errors, which are included, are the rounding errors.

Dither shall reduce the effects, which are audible. It brings in the randomization and reduces the effect. However, if you do not amplify the sound, you will not be able to hear the dither effect.

There are various settings that help you to apply the dither effect. You can use these settings and apply them to create your audio files.

Dither Settings

If you wish to apply the Dither effect to your audio, you need to be aware of the settings. Have a look.

If you want to control the dither settings, you will have to go Quality panel. Once you click on the tab you a dialog box shall appear. You can view various available options, which shall help you to perform the dither settings.

One can choose to work with playback, recording, quality, or interface. You can use Spectrograms or work with track behaviours. However, you will have to adjust the sampling conversions for real-time, and high-quality, to ensure proper dither effects.


When you convert a file to lesser depth, or when Audacity plays in lesser depth then the depth of the track, you should know that it is downsampling. The depth is pre-set in the quality pane of the dither settings dialog box.

You have the option of choosing the type of dither you would want to use in Audacity. One can choose among many options when you perform the task of downsampling. You can use downsampling by changing the settings to none.

Types of effects

You can also use the rectangular, triangular, or shaped types of dithering effects to your audio file. If you use the rectangular, one you will be able to experience the low- level noise. If you want to experience the triangular one, you will be able to find a quieter noise and a high-pitched one. Shaped effect shall put a contouring effect on the audio file.

The dithering effect is very useful. As, it helps to create audio files in a different manner. You have the privilege to work with many options. And, you contribute towards the creation of fantastic audio. With Audacity’s dither effect, you can covert a simple track into great audio files.


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