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Audacity is a platform that provides you with numerous features to help you. It can easily help you in recording, editing, enhancing, cropping, customizing and saving your audios. And the best part is that it is available completely free of cost.

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Though it is free software, it works just as well. There are various menus and tables in Audacity that you can use for your help. These menus are easily available on the main page of Audacity.

One of these menus is the Extra menu. It has various tools and features that are extremely useful in customizing and making changes to your audio. ‘Device’ is also one of the options available in the Extra Menu. You can easily find it through the Extra menu option present in the main toolbar.

Basically, the Device menu is useful in providing commands to change the playback, the recording devices, and the settings of your audio. It is a kind of shortcut to the different dropdown menus.

In case you do not know how to use this option, or if you are using it for the first time, then here are all the details to help you out. Also, you can visit Audacity’s help manual page available on the official website of Audacity. As, this will give you further details and information. Click here to learn more.


The Device Option

The device toolbar provides you with four options that are useful in Audacity. Specifically, these four options are Change Recording device, Change Playback device, Change audio host, and Change Recording channels.

Change Recording Device

This option is useful for displaying all the recording devices available. And, is great for making suitable changes. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift+I, to access this feature. Though, you must note that Audacity will not display the recording devices if there are no devices in the dropdown menu. In such a case, Audacity will display an error of the recording message.

Change Playback Device

You can use this option to display all the playback devices that are available in Audacity, and change them as you wish. When you choose this option, it will display a dialog menu with all the available playback devices.

Like the recording device menu, there will be a message of playback error on the screen, if there are no playback devices available in Audacity. Though, you can also use the Shift+O keyboard shortcut to do the same thing.

Change Audio Host

The shortcut option for this is Shift+ H. It displays and helps change all the audio hosts available in Audacity. If you do not list any audio host, then Audacity will display a message of error. You can choose an audio host that is compatible with the playback and recording device. It is completely your choice on the basis of your preferences.

Change Recording Channels

This will display all the options in recording channels. And, it will allow you to change it as you choose. The shortcut key for this is Shift+N.


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