Extra Menu: Edit option in Audacity

edit menu

Edit menu: Do you have some interest in music and recordings? Planning to record audio? Want to enhance or edit your audios and recordings? Want to work on music? Then here is something that might help you. Yes! you read it right. We will help you in performing all these functions and we have the answer to all these queries. The answer is a single word- Audacity. Audacity is a software that helps you in various ways.

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You can use it easily for recording, editing, importing, exporting, enhancing, customizing, cropping, designing, and saving your audios easily. It is very simple software and completely user- friendly. There are millions of people across the globe who use Audacity on a daily basis. They find it very helpful and useful.

The main function that Audacity performs is Recording audios and tracks. Apart from this, people love it for numerous editing options that are available in Audacity. It provides several features that can help you in editing your recordings.

Edit menu

About the Menus

There are various menus available in the main toolbar in Audacity. Tools, Extra, Help and File are some of these menus that are present in Audacity. One of the very useful menus present in the Audacity toolbar is the Extra menu. In this, you can find the Edit option. This is the central topic of this write-up.

If you are using Audacity for the first time, or you do not know how to use it, then this write- up might help you. Also, you can anytime visit the Audacity’s help manual for your help. It has all the information available in detail. This help manual is present on the main page of Audacity.

The Extra Menu

Among various other menus available in Audacity, there is an Extra Menu. The Extra menu carries various options like Transport, tools, mixer, edit, play-at-speed, seek, device, selection, focus, cursor, track, scriptables and full screen. It is like a shortcut menu to various drop-down menus. You can find it easily on the front page of Audacity.

How to access the Edit menu?

To access the edit menu, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main toolbar
  2. Now click on the Extra menu option
  3. Choose the Edit option from the dropdown menu.

The Edit menu contains two options delete key and the delete key 2.

Delete Key

The shortcut key to this option is the Backspace key on the keyboard. It helps you in removing and labeling the current audio selection without copying them to the clipboard. This option is very useful and easy to use. Also, it is easily accessible through the edit option in the extra menu.

Delete Key 2

This option helps you in removing data and labels from the current audio selection. Therefore, using this feature, there is no requirement to copy the selection to the clipboard in Audacity. The shortcut key present on the keyboard for this function is the Delete key. You can use this option easily from the Extra menu.


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