Dependencies Dialog at Audacity

Dependencies Dialog

Audacity has continuously been trying to improve the quality of their work. And, bring out its best. One important feature at Audacity, is dependencies dialog. Here are all the details about this feature. Audacity prepares a list of all the files and keeps a reference of them. And, your project depends on them. You can access these references/ dependencies in the dependencies dialog box.

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You can get this list by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on help option
  • Go to diagnostics
  • Choose Check Dependencies

Different options in Project Dependencies

The different options under the project dependencies include File list, Copy selected files, Do not copy, and Copy all files. When the dependencies dialog box opens, the list of files that appear on the screen in the box is a file list. You can use your cursor or arrow keys to move to different files.

Project Dependencies

Also, Audacity provides the option to change the size of the list columns. And, it is very easy. You just need to hover your mouse over the boundaries of the list. This list has two parts: Audio File and Disk Space. The audio file shows the name and details of the file. And, Disk space shows the size of the file.

Copy Selected Files is the next option in the dialog box. You can use this option to copy the files into the list that you have selected. In case you want to copy all the files into the list, you can use the Copy All files option. You can remove and add files into the list at anytime. One can use the Do not copy to save the project without copying it into the list.

Saving a project that depends on other files

There may be some projects and recordings that depend on some other files. If you want to save them, then the same dialog box will appear on the screen. You need to choose between copying all dependent files or not. There are various options under this dialog box as well, these are present here.

You can use copy selected files to save the project and copy the selected files only. One can use the Cancel Save option to cancel saving the project. In case you do not want to save the project, or you want to make some changes to it, you can cancel saving your project at anytime.

If you do not want to copy any of the files into the list, then you can simply use the save without copying option. And if you wish to copy all the files into the list, then you can choose copy all files option. One can remove or add the files anytime into the list.

The last option that appears in the dialog box is ‘whenever the project depends on other files’. This option has three parts. And, you can choose one of them.

Ask me is the option by default. If you choose this, then every time you save files, the dialog box will appear on the screen. If you choose always copy all audios, then all the audios will be copied and the dialog box will not appear. The Never copy an audio option does not copy any of the files. And, does not allow the dialog box to appear as well.


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