How to Edit, resize and move Labels?

Edit resize and move labels

Edit resize and move labels: Once you add the point labels and region labels, you might need to change them. You can change the text, size, and even type of the labels. Changing from a point label to a region label and vice versa is also possible. The methods of changing labels, their content, and their size are present below.

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Changing the length and position of labels with a mouse

There is a circle handle present, which allows you to move any label. You can click and drag the circle handle to move a label. The triangle handle helps you to vary the length of the label.

To change the length, you can click and drag this triangle handle. The triangle handle is present at the left side of the label and at the right side also. Alternatively, you can also increase or decrease the length from both sides.

Moving a point label

On the screen of playback audio, you can see a circle handle if there is any point label present. When you hover on the point label, it displays the name of the label. You can click this circle handle and drag it to move it.

Moving a point label

Expanding a point label

You might need to convert a point label into a region label. If you want to change a point label to a region label, you can do this with a triangle handle. When you click on the triangle handle and drag it, it converts into the region label.

Expanding a point label

Moving and resizing a region label

To change the position of region label, you can click on the circle handle of that label. After clicking, you can move in any direction you want. Changing the size of the region label is also possible with the triangle handle. Click on the triangle handle and drag it to resize the region label.

Adjusting the junction point where two labels meet

The circle handle, at the position where two labels meet, is shared between both these labels. If you want to change the position of this junction, you can click and drag the shared circle handle between them.

Moving a label when there is a selection

When you select on a region label and press enter, then the circle handle moves only the label. You can move the label with selection if you don’t press enter. Click on the label and then move the circle handle of that label.

Using cut, copy and paste

You can cut a label with the cut option in the Edit menu. To cut a label you have to only select the label and not the audio. Then, you can paste the label at any position in the label track. You can also click on the audio track to paste the label at that position.

Using the context menu

To display the context menu, right-click on the label. This menu contains cut, copy, paste, delete label, and edit. Cut and copy are used for label text. And, delete label will delete the entire label, whether point label or region label. The edit option displays Labels editor.

Using Labels Editor

To manage the labels using the keyboard, you can use the labels editor option. You can add or delete any label and change its position or text in the audio. To change the position, you have to manually enter the size of the label. Click here to learn more.


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