Product User Guide

All Files Viewer is a multi-format file viewer created for both home and professional users. The application supports approximately 400 file formats, including some of the most popular formats like office documents, eBooks and PDF files, audio and video files, 2-D CAD design, email files, and many more – all in one application.

On top of its filing viewing capabilities, All Files Viewer also provides editing for Word, Spreadsheet, and text files, as well as conversion for image files and eBooks files. All Files Viewer saves you time and  effort from finding, downloading, and installing multiple file viewers for different types of files.

Learn how to use All Files Viewer by reviewing the following topics that cover every major module of the application:

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How to launch the application

After you have installed the application, follow the following steps to launch All Files Viewer:

  • Click the Start button
  • Type All Files Viewer
  • Look for an application entry that matches the app’s name, with this application icon:
  • Click the application entry to launch All Files Viewer

The main application window

After the application finishes loading, the main window is displayed. It serves as the “main entrance” for the rest of the application by offering three major function areas:

  1. The Drag-n-drop zone: is located at the top of the main window and marked by a rectangle with dashed borders. You can drag a supported file and drop it over this area to open the file
  2. The Viewer Modules: are located at the center of the main window, there are two rows of “tiles” for launching different viewer modules depending on the type of files you choose to open. Details for each viewer module is provided throughout the rest of this product guide.
  3. The Recently Opened File list: captures up to five most recently opened files. For your privacy, click the Clear List link to empty the list.

Closing the main window will exit the application entirely. 

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How to open a file

You can open and view a file using one of the following four ways:

  1. Drag-n-drop the file from Windows Explorer to the Drag-n-Drop zone in the Main window
  2. From the Windows Explorer, right-click on the target file and choose Open with > All Files Viewer
  3. Click one of the viewer module “tiles” to launch the Open File dialogbox and locate the target file to open
  4. Use the File > Open menu from individual viewer module window
  5. Use the Recently Opened File list if the target file happens to be in the list

More to explore

Get the most of All Files Viewer by continuing to read one of the following topics:

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