Clip Boundaries at Audacity

Clip Boundaries

Clip Boundaries: Audacity is a great open source software for music producers and editors. In addition to recording tracks, you can also merge and/or split them. Hence, you can make ringtones. Or, clip already generated tracks and shift them to create new ones.

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If you are a music lover or a audio editor, then you need to use this software for its numerous features. Clip Boundaries is a feature that lets you edit your audio track and make snippets out of it. The path to enable this feature is: in the Edit menu, click on the ‘Clip Boundary’ option. This will show up a sub-menu that will contain all the possible edit options like split, join, or dispatch silences, etc.

Before enabling any of them, you need to select the lengths of the audio tracks on which you need to make these edits. You can easily select these audio lengths with the help of the waveform view. Let us discuss all of them in detail.

Clip Boundaries


As the name suggests, this lets you split the whole of your audio track into sections. To enable this feature, you can use the keyboard shortcut- Ctrl + l also. Clicking this will split the whole of the track into three sections, based on the selected areas. This will be one on the right, one on the left and last one in the middle of the selection lines.

You can edit the audio track as desired by shifting the split snippets. This will definitely help create an entirely new track, having different orientations of the snipped audios.

Split New

This can be enabled using the keyboard shortcut key combination- Ctrl+Alt+l. It will split the track in the way the split cut feature does. This will not cut the track in three snippets, but will split it into two. You can freely adjust and move the two cut portions to create a new track.


  • To enable this feature, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J. select the region of the clip.
  • If you select the region in which there is an overlapping of two or more separate clips, then all of them will merge.
  • They will join together to become a larger clip.
  • The lengths of the audio clips between them will remain silent regions.

Detach at silences

  • One can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+J to enable this feature. This will help to eliminate the unwanted silences in the audio tracks.
  • If you select two tracks, you will enable this feature. For example, one with the selected region as complete silence, and the other with audio.
  • This will create a single audio clip. In addition, it will contain audios in place of the selected silent lengths.

You may see silent areas, but only between the regions between separate clips. If you select a completely silent clip, then it will show up as blank spaces between the audio regions. Click here to learn more.


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