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Click Removal

Click Removal: If you are a music lover, then Audacity is the right software for you. Audacity is open-source, free audio software available for many operating systems that will let you perform various tasks. You can record tracks, edit them, merge various tasks and split them. The edits possible are some of the best and some of the most exclusive.

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Click Removal Option

The Click removal option is used to de-click the tracks from the vinyl list. This will ensure no damage to the rest of the audio track. This option is available in the ‘Effects’ menu. The pop-up box will display a slider and the magnitude bar. And, you can set the slightest of the changes using the slider.

Set Threshold

You should not set the threshold value too high or too low. Setting it too high may damage the audio and nullify the effect of using Click Removal. This may lead to false detection of the clicks. Also, the slider should not be too low. Consequently, this may lead to undetected clicks. And, may not serve what you aspire to get.

You can enter the value to set the maximum spike width or can use the slider. If the algorithm turns out to be non-effective and shows up an alert message for you, then try widening the selected area. There are some limitations one should keep in mind to make accurate selections and get the expected results. Click here for learn more.


  • The audio selection has to be at least 4096 samples, which is about 93 milliseconds, at 44100 Hz of the rate of the project.
  • Click removal might not work all the time. As stated above, it may display a pop-up message of its non-effectiveness in many cases.
  • Some slight crackle click sounds may be produced, which might not be effectively removed.
  • If the clicks are about 10 milliseconds, these may not be removed. There are some optional plug-ins that you need to install.

Options available in the menu

There are some command buttons that perform the following results:

  • ‘Manage’ Button: Clicking on this button, displays a drop-down menu. This drop-down menu gives us different options to manage the presets of the tools.
  • ‘Preview’ Button: when you are making edits to your audio files, you would always want to make sure if the edits fit well. Therefore, this option lets you preview the edit before you actually apply those changes in the original audio file. You can make suitable changes to the length of the file for which you want to see the preview. The default time is 6 seconds.
  • ‘OK’ Button: clicking this button will finally apply the selected changes to the current audio file in use. Finally, the dialogue box will close.
  • ‘Cancel’ Button: this button will delete all the changes selected. And, will close the dialogue button. Clicking this will finally keep the original audio unchanged.
  • Question Mark: This is the Info page. It will carry you to the info manual page.


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