A guide to advanced mixing of tracks in Audacity

Advanced Mixing Options

Advanced mixing Options: The advanced mixing option is a dialog that appears when you choose the custom mix option in Audacity, in order to import or export a file. This option is available in preferences. And, one can use this feature to export a multi-channel file or make certain changes or adjustments in between Audacity […]

Work with a compressor on Audacity

If you are unable to find an appropriate forum where you can use your skills to transform a track into an amazing audio file, you must use Audacity! Audacity has countless options for creating amazing audio. Whether you wish to import, export, or record, Audacity will help you do it all. In addition, you can […]

Clip Fix- Audacity

Clip Fix

Clip Fix rebuilds the clipped lengths of the audio tracks. It is an option present in the Effects menu. When the Effects submenu opens, you will see the Clip Fix option. Clicking on The clip Fix option will display a drop-down menu. After this, it will ask for the ‘Threshold of Clipping’ value. And, the […]

Know about Click Removal Audacity

Click Removal

Click Removal: If you are a music lover, then Audacity is the right software for you. Audacity is open-source, free audio software available for many operating systems that will let you perform various tasks. You can record tracks, edit them, merge various tasks and split them. The edits possible are some of the best and […]

Dependencies Dialog at Audacity

Dependencies Dialog

Audacity has continuously been trying to improve the quality of their work. And, bring out its best. One important feature at Audacity, is dependencies dialog. Here are all the details about this feature. Audacity prepares a list of all the files and keeps a reference of them. And, your project depends on them. You can […]