It is time to use Edit Menu with Audacity

Edit Menu

Edit Menu: Audacity is one of the most renowned softwares. It offers many features that help in the development of good audio. And, is one of the most used software programs, gaining more popularity due to its various effects. You have the option of working effortlessly with the waveforms as well. Also, you have the digital audio to help ease out the entire process.

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One can edit the menu. And, Audacity allows you to perform copy, paste, and Duplicate tasks without hindrances. It is easy, quick, and convenient to use.

Copy, Cut And Paste

If you want to copy, cut, and paste on Audacity, it is very simple. You simply need to use the keys to do so:

If you want to copy the chosen audio to the Audacity clipboard, simply use Ctrl+C. Once you enter this command, the audio will be copied to the clipboard.

If you wish to cut audio, you will have to use Ctrl+X. Once you use this command, you will find that the chosen audio data is removed. The data is then pasted on the clipboard.

You will have to paste the audio after the cut and copy action. One can do so by inserting the audio file into the selected cursor point. You can also replace the current selection area to paste an audio file. You must remember, however, that the behaviour of the paste is variable. It shall change depending on the settings. And, you can do so by observing the waveforms carefully.

Paste Into A New Track

You can easily frame a new track. And, can use the paste option. You will have to follow some simple steps:

  • You can start by pasting it onto an empty project window.
  • Deselect all the tracks. You can deselect by clicking on the gray background below the last track. Then, use the paste option.
  • If you want to paste from a mono-track to a stereo track, you can do that as well. The mono audio shall be copied in both the channels. However, you cannot paste from a stereo track to a mono track.

Use The Duplicate Option

If you want to choose a recent clip of the new clip, and create a track with it, you have to use Ctrl+D command. This will help to exercise the duplicate option. You will be able to find this duplicated clip on the timeline as of the original audio. You can also call it the shortcut method of copying, adding a new track and pasting it. Therefore, you will not be able to paste it anywhere else. Click here to learn more.

With such options by Audacity you can create amazing audio files. You can work with various clips. And, you can use them to curate audio files. One can use the bits and pieces from various audio files. And, can give rise to great audio. It is very easy and convenient to create audio files with the help of Audacity software.


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