How much Internet Speed do I need

There is no fixed standard of ‘good’ internet speed. Most often, the requirement of 25Mbps is sufficient for streaming different videos on multiple devices. The internet speed is the bandwidth that you have applied for. The bandwidth is the amount of specific data that is sent to you by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). This […]

How to increase the WiFi Speed

WiFi Speed

Many people do not get their desired internet speed, even after upgrading their internet plan. This can be frustrating. Time is wasted and there are chances you might not finish the work designated for that specific day. To help you out with this problem, listed below are some tips to increase the WiFi speed. These […]

What do we measure with the Speed test?

Speed test

With the speed test app, by Blusky software, you can check the consistency of your internet. And, you can verify if you’re getting the internet speed which you have paid for. This app can be downloaded on Windows 10. What does Speed Test Measure? Our app checks the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) online connection speed […]

Error Opening Project: Reference to invalid character number at line x

Error Opening Project

Error Opening Project: Audacity is one of the best softwares for recording and editing audios. Though it is free software, it works just as well as a paid software. It has a lot of features and qualities that help you to create, record, and enhance your audio. It is a very useful application for numerous […]

A glance through the Audacity Glossary

Audacity Glossary

Audacity Glossary: Audacity is an audio editing software. Its main function is to record and edit different types of audio. This page will explain some very technical terms. These technical terms are related to digital audio. General terms ADC ADC is the short name for analog to digital converter. It converts an analog signal into […]

Generate Menu of Audacity

Generate Menu

The generate menu is a system of Audacity that allows you to create audio containing tones, noises, or silences. You can insert the generated audio through the cursor pointers. Or, one can replace the existing audio with new audio. The generators of Audacity Audacity’s built-in generators are as follows: DTMF Chirp Tone Noise Silence The […]

Know how to get to help on Audacity

Help on Audacity

Audacity helps you to create audio files. It has got many features that will help you to create audio files. You will come across many options that will help you to create audio files. Every option you use is easy to apply and hassle-free. It has gained immense popularity due to such features. You can […]

Equalize the audio in Audacity

Graphic EQ

Graphic EQ: In Audacity, you have a graphic equalization feature, which allows the user to make changes in the audio sound according to frequencies. You can increase sound for some particular frequencies and reduce the same for others. This is an advanced form of audio and tone controllers. Equalize it all! You will find the […]

Flac export options

Flac export options

What is FLAC? FLAC is an abbreviation for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is a digital lossless audio format that comes with a smaller size of format. These formats include uncompressed formats like WAV. Many software applications and hardware support FLAC and the support is on its growth path. How does FLAC Work? Flac export […]

Find Clipping: Introduction and application

Find Clipping

Usually, you choose View and Show Clipping to play clips. Another way to display clippings is the Find Clipping option. You can run samples of clippings already resent in the Label track. In the Analyze option, the Find clipping option is available. The minimum one clipped region has to be present. To run multiple clips […]