Filter curve: Contents and Utility

You might know about the Fast Fourier Transform filter. The Filter curve is this type of filter, and is an equalization tool. What does we mean by equalization? Equalization is the process of manipulating sounds through frequency. You can increase or decrease the frequency. The filter curve dialog box appears with the following contents. Draw […]

Compare Different Methods of Measuring Internet

Methods of Measuring Internet

There are different methods used for measuring the internet, and all these methods give different results. This can get confusing, not only for the consumers, but also for service providers. Here is a guide to the different methodologies for internet measurement. Listed below are their strengths and limitations. Consumer Initiated Speed testing This test is […]

How to deal with Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection

Dealing with a slow internet connection is very frustrating. Your work can come to a standstill or probably it takes hours to finish download a single file. It is a waste of time and effort. Instead of going through this frustration why not try to do something to fix this problem of slow internet? Listed […]

Tips on getting an Accurate Speed Test

Accurate Speed Test

If you are facing problems with your internet, especially with the speed it is advisable to decide on a speed test. This test gives you a fair idea of the speed of the internet and helps you solve this problem. There are many reasons for the slow internet. This can be due to external or […]

Understanding Internet Speed Classifications

Internet Speed Classifications

The Internet is all about speed and most people are overwhelmed with terminologies like Mbps (Megabits per second), fiber, gigabit, and broadband. These terms are not easily understood by everyone. Computers that are connected to the internet transfer specific information to each other in packets. These packets are electronic and are the units of data. […]

Why is my Internet Slow?

Why is my Internet Slow

Why is my Internet Slow? If downloading seems to take ages and the web pages are opening slower than normal, it is time to check out the speed of your internet. This leads to unnecessary delays in work and can be frustrating. You can decide on a speed test which can give you a clear […]

How to get an Accurate Speed Test

Accurate Speed Test

If you are reading this article then most often you experienced inconsistency or even a low internet speed. This can either be you are not getting the internet speed you have paid for or there is another problem with the internet. You can go for a speed test to clear all your doubts. Blusky offers […]

What is a Good Internet Speed?

Measuring Internet Speed

Measure Internet Speed: There are many Good Internet Speed factors you can consider when you are shopping for internet service provider, including the price and speed. It is difficult to gauge the speed as compared to the price. There is constant confusion about what can be considered a good speed for the internet. So, you […]

How do I choose a Speed test Server

Speed test Server

Speed test measures important aspects of the Internet service. Blusky offers the speed test app which can be downloaded on Widows 10. This test can measure the bandwidth of an internet connection. The speed test can calculate the throughput of the network in the upload and download. This app can detect the external IP, and […]

Tips to Choose an Internet Provider

Internet Service Provider

A well-reputed ISP (Internet Service Provider) is what you need to look for when you decide on getting an internet connection for your home or even your office. With a reputed ISP, most of your problems with the internet are solved. These companies use innovative and advanced technology to ensure that their clients receive a […]