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Tracks menu

Tracks Menu in Audacity

Tracks menu: Audacity is a digital audio editing software that you can use to edit recordings. It is an open-source, cross-platform, software available for free

Audio Unit

Audacity’s Effect menu: Audio Unit

Audio Unit: Effects and Customization is one of the major parts of Audacity. Apart from recording and saving audios/tracks, people love Audacity for its great

Clip Boundaries

Clip Boundaries at Audacity

Clip Boundaries: Audacity is a great open source software for music producers and editors. In addition to recording tracks, you can also merge and/or split

Select and Edit Audios

Select and Edit Audios in Audacity

Select and Edit Audios: Audacity is an open-source music application software, which allows you to edit and record audio. One can use Audacity for various